Haunted Meayll Hill Stone Circle, Isle of ManM…

Haunted Meayll Hill Stone Circle, Isle of Man

Meayll Hill (Mull Hill) is not a true stone circle, but a unique
group of Neolithic chambered tombs built around 3500 BC.
These tombs are characteristic for Neolithic farmers in the
British Isles, but the arrangement of 12 of them in ring formation is
very unusual and no one knows why they were arranged this way. A group
of stone foundations of Neolithic huts can be found nearby to the east with an ancient pathway running between the two

According to local lore, some visitors have had unpleasant
paranormal experiences at Meayll Hill, including the feeling of sudden
disorientation. Others have seen unexplained moving lights and heard
strange sounds, like the cadence of invisible horses trotting or
galloping by. One tale says that a phantom army of horsemen has been
seen riding along the circle.

The site is located just outside the village of Cregneash at the southern end of the Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland.

Click here to aerial video of Meayll Hill.