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Ancient Byzantine silver ewer, c. 550 CE. Excavated in Syria in 1910. [1364×1800]


 Page from Vienna Genesis

* early 6th century

* Syria.

* Story of Jacob

Source: en:User:Dsmdgold / Public domain (Wikipedia)


~ Gold Finger Ring with Inscription.

Date: late 6th–early 7th century

Place of origin: Northern France

Culture: Frankish

Medium: Electrum (?) /gold


A mid-15th century fresco depicting Theodelinda (c. 570-628), queen of the Lombards.

A prominent figure among Lombard royalty. Here the queen dowager is portrayed marrying one of the greatest Lombard rulers, Agilulf, who was selected king on Theodelinda’s recommendation.

She also managed to convert her husband to Catholic version of Christianism which altered a “religious power balance” in Italy (catholicism v arianism). 

Theodelinda’s chapel, Cathedral of Monza (commissioned by the queen herself. She was also buried there)


A relief portraying Leovigild, Visigothic king of Spain (568-586) . The imagery is rather fitting since he was a strong ruler and constantly on warpath. Leovigild’s military campaigns were succesfull and he managed to reunite the fragmented kingdom and restore the royal supremacy. He also kicked out – all but in name –  Byzantine forces who had occupied the southeastern coast of Spain since the days of Justinian. One can also mention that he was the last Arian Christian Visigothic king of Spain.  Actually Leovigild tried to persecute some Catholics, but eventually this policy turned out to be unsuccesful. There were just too few people who adhered to Arian concept of Christianism and in the end king’s own son and successor Reccared converted to catholicism (and outlawed Arianism).      


Bronze patera, three fishermen surrounded by fish, shells and shellfish – on the handle is Poseidon with dolphins

Byzantine, early 6th century


Byzantine Mosaic Panel

ca. 5th/6th Century A.D