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I’ve been away at Swordcraft: Blood and Gold spring Quest: The Swarm of Sudenburg and now I’m home and straight back into reality. Swordcraft is Australia’s largest LARP event and battle game with upwards of 500 people in attendance and I’m proud to be one of its executive.

Quest was a fantastic week filled with fort and field battles, political alliances, underground shenanigans, tournaments, TrollBall and heaps more, all while looking and feeling like a total bad ass.

I love getting to camp with all my friends for a week and I already have BIG plans for Quest next year.

I have a heap more picture on my Instagram @larplyyyyyyf if you want to check them out. Or follow @Swordcraft_LARP to find out more!

Tanky (IC) siblings 💪🏻

Character: Gwendolyn Bishop

Larp: Blackpowder and Bloodlines (game 3)

In games 1&2 of Blackpowder and Bloodlines I played my preist charcter, Genevieve Gillroy. This year I decided I wanted to experience different aspects that this larp had to offer as it will only we played over a 5 year story arc, with 1 game per year.

After a lot of planning, deliberation and changing of ideas, I came out with Gwendolyn.

Her outfit is pretty much completely made by me, including the layers underneath that you can’t see. The entire outfit consists of:

A white cotton chemise, white stockings, handmade stays, two pockets, a bum roll, a cotton underskirt, a grey linen skirt, a grey/brown coat (lined with linen), very slightly tea-dyed apron and wool arm warmers. My cute hat is from Mytholon.

Would you like a post showing all the different layers?