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It was a beautiful day last Saturday, so John and I went out to Red Bluff at Black Rock in Victoria for a bit of an impromptu photoshoot by the beach. I’d never been there before and the rocks and view absolutely blew me away. I felt like I was in a fairy tale. 

Yellow dress is the Red Elise by Armstreet
Green Dress is the Uma Dress by Mytholon
Brooches by Make Your Own Medieval
I made the beads myself from a combination of thrifted necklaces


Last week I had to stay home sick from work and I figured, when is there a better time to work on a new project?? So behold, a short renaissance houppelande with scalloped dagging on the sleeves. It’s made from blue wool, purple upholstery velvet and lined with a black and blue floral brocade. I also think the little square buttons are super cute. I only wish I had about 10 more to add to it.

All up this project took me about 11 hours to make and it’s probably the most professional looking thing I’ve ever produced. Needless to say, I’m a bit proud of myself.

Also, bonus blue leather belt with hand stamping and renaissance buckle and decorated hat, both of which I made the weekend before. I’m so happy to be feeling inspired enough to make things again!

This is me at Abbey Medieval Festival, Caboolt…

This is me at Abbey Medieval Festival, Caboolture, 2018.
Here’s a video about my experience at Abbey in 2017.

Hat, hood and gold belt: The Crowned Heart
Leather Belt: Made by me, fittings from Make Your Own Medieval
Linen dress and tunic: Also made by me



This past weekend I spent my time with a compa…

This past weekend I spent my time with a company of wonderful 15th century reenactors called the Company of the Phoenix, who are a group of incredibly friendly, funny and passionate people. Through their generosity, I got to learn so much from them and experience my love for all things medieval in a whole new way. I am just so, so greatful for the experience that I have had and want to thank the wonderful owners of Make Your Own Medieval for their kindness and generosity.

Here I am wearing my brand new handmade hood by The Crowned Heart, hanging out outside of our encampment.

Hello my dearest internet pals! Do you have an…

Hello my dearest internet pals! Do you have any questions for me? Ask me anything! I’m going to do a sit-down larp makeup and AMA video and I want to know what you want to know about me! So #asklarplife!

Working on a comparison and review of two chai…

Working on a comparison and review of two chainmail mantles. Here I’m wearing the Epic Armour Chain Mantle to the Swordcraft LARP battle game in Melbourne, Australia. You can clearly see I take my filming and YouTube career very seriously….. #jk

Playing dress up and trying out new kit combin…

Playing dress up and trying out new kit combinations for possible future characters. I’m wearing the Isolde Bodice in the brown floral design by Mytholon. Paired with a chain mantle from Epic Armoury, demi-cuiras from Stahlgilde and bracers.
Also playing around with my new wig from Webster Wigs, which is awesome quality and a lot of fun!

Sparkly little sunflower witch! Had a heck to…

Sparkly little sunflower witch!
Had a heck tonne of fun on Saturday night running around as a happy sunflower witch for a friend’s surprise party. I’m especially proud of my hat which took me about two hours to make.
I wish my eyes could be this colours all the time!

I really need to get my butt to College of Wizardry, huh…

Okay but, it’s easy to look good when you’re l…

Okay but, it’s easy to look good when you’re larping in a castle.

But please excuse my messy hair and how desperately tired I look. These photos were taken on the last day after the huge final battle of Swordcraft Quest in Victoria, Australia.

Dress and boots are @armstreet
Everything else was made by me.

Photos taken by Tony Delov, Portrait Photograohy Melbourne.