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Character: Gwendolyn Bishop

Larp: Blackpowder and Bloodlines (game 3)

In games 1&2 of Blackpowder and Bloodlines I played my preist charcter, Genevieve Gillroy. This year I decided I wanted to experience different aspects that this larp had to offer as it will only we played over a 5 year story arc, with 1 game per year.

After a lot of planning, deliberation and changing of ideas, I came out with Gwendolyn.

Her outfit is pretty much completely made by me, including the layers underneath that you can’t see. The entire outfit consists of:

A white cotton chemise, white stockings, handmade stays, two pockets, a bum roll, a cotton underskirt, a grey linen skirt, a grey/brown coat (lined with linen), very slightly tea-dyed apron and wool arm warmers. My cute hat is from Mytholon.

Would you like a post showing all the different layers?

The simplicity of medieval design is both practical and pleasing to look at. Elegance would sum it up. #medieval #art #design #elegance #aethetics

Absolutely could now be more thrilled with how this bodice turned out! Three years ago I could barely sew a straight line, and now I can make things like this in a day and a half. Practice and patience is all it takes 💙🖤
(Little embroidered flowers to be added after I finish this dang essay.)

Working on a new bodice!
I have made it out of a really beautiful black velveteen with a floral pattern and lined it in a purple cotton fabric for sturdiness. Now I’m hand sewing a silver embroidery stitch as a kind of trim/boarder. Might sew in a few little flowers around the neck line too.
What do you think?

Hello friends! Sorry my posts have been so sporadic lately!

Two weekends ago John and I were up in Queensland for Abbey Medieval Festival, but even on holiday I couldn’t resist making garb! John was worried his outfit wouldn’t be good enough for the festival because he didn’t have proper pants, so I knocked out these super cute Viking style pants for him to wear. He was too shy to model them for me and I really like wearing them anyway… definitely going to have to make myself a pair as well (maybe with a tutorial if anone would be interested?)