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A couple of years ago, spending time with my g…

A couple of years ago, spending time with my good friend riding around the Bohemian countryside and startling the village folk. Can’t wait to get back there and do it again. #medieval #czechrepublic #nobility #14thcentury #horse #horses #riding #bohemia #ceskalipa #českálípa #europe

Exploring a Bohemian castle way up on a hillto…

Exploring a Bohemian castle way up on a hilltop in a forest a couple of years ago. It was quite an experience feeling as though we were a world away from modern civilization. #medieval #castle #bohemia #czechrepublic #europe #holyromanempire

Beauté de l’Europe

Beauté de l’Europe

Wolvesey CastleWinchester, England by Trevor G…

Wolvesey Castle
Winchester, England by Trevor Goyette

Built between 1130 and 1136 CE, Wolvesey was one of two castles in the City of Winchester. Early in its history, the castle was the site of a battle known as the Rout of Winchester (1141) during the period of English history known as The Anarchy (1135-1153). Afterwards, Wolvesey Castle continued to be used as a residence for the powerful Bishops of Winchester – until it was finally destroyed during the English Civil War (1642-1651). 

Beaumaris Castle (Castell Biwmares) Ynys Mô…

Beaumaris Castle (Castell Biwmares)

Ynys Môn, Wales by David Owen

Construction of Beaumaris Castle began in 1295 CE, however plans for the fortification likely date back to the Conquest of Wales (1277-1283). By the time work had stopped in 1330, the Crown had sunk an incredible £15,000 into its construction. It wasn’t long before the castle saw conflict; first in 1403 when it was seized by Welsh rebels during

the Glyndŵr Rising (1400-1415). Then again during the English Civil War (1642-1651), when the castle was taken by Parliamentary forces. Despite managing to escape slighting, the castle quickly fell into disrepair – and has been considered ruined since 1660. 

Peveril CastleDerbyshire, England by Brownie B…

Peveril Castle
Derbyshire, England by Brownie Bear

Build shortly after the Norman Conquest (1066-1072 CE), Peveril Castle stands out as one of the few Norman castles to be built originally in stone rather than timber. The castle fell into the hands of the crown following the civil war known as The Anarchy (1135-1153). It remained more-or-less a royal property until its decline in the 15th century. 

On This Day: 2 July 1644

On This Day: 2 July 1644

The Battle of Marston Moor was a major event in the First English Civil War (1642-1646). Hoping to break the Parliamentarian siege of York, Royalist forces under the command of Prince Rupert tried to outmanoeuvre the combined Parliamentarian and Covenanter forces, but found themselves overwhelmed in a surprise attack. Defeated, the Royalists were forced to abandon Northern England entirely.

Caerlaverock CastleDumfries and Galloway, Scot…

Caerlaverock Castle
Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland by Janbro

Constructed in the 13th century, Caerlaverock Castle was once the stronghold of Clan Maxwell. The fortress played a role in many conflicts – beginning with the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 13th and 14th centuries. Its final battle took place in 1640 CE during the period known as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, where the castle was attacked and destroyed by a Covenanter army. 

Flint Castle (Castell y Fflint)Flintshire, Wal…

Flint Castle (Castell y Fflint)
Flintshire, Wales by Steve Wainwright

Dating back to 1277 CE, Flint Castle was the first in a series of fortifications built by the English King Edward I during the Conquest of Wales (1277-1283). These castles – dubbed the Iron Ring – were designed to encircle northern Wales and aid in the oppression of its people. Consequently, Flint Castle was attacked during many of the Welsh uprisings. However, it saw its final military use during the English Civil War (1642-1651). Initially a Royalist stronghold, Flint Castle was subjected to a successful 3 month siege by the Parliamentarians. Afterwards, the castle was slighted so as to not be used in any further military conflicts.

Bolton CastleYorkshire, England by Pixelda

Bolton Castle
Yorkshire, England by Pixelda

Built between 1378 and 1399 CE, Bolton Castle was once the seat of power for the Barons Scrope. It was damaged extensively in 1536 as retribution for supporting the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion against Henry VIII.