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romebyzantium: Justinian I, #Byzantine Empero…


Justinian I, #Byzantine Emperor from 483 to 565 AD, gold coin, Archaeological Museum, #Istanbul, Turkey

Funny epithets 13: Michael Parapinakes (= minu…

Funny epithets 13: Michael Parapinakes (= minus a quarter)

A.k.a  Mikael VII Doukas who ruled Byzantine empire between 1071-1078. This is a really weird epithet and I first thought that perhaps he wasn’t that tall. Well, actually Michael received this nickname due to his fiscal policies (= devaluation of Byzantine currency 😀 )

Source: By PHGCOM (self-made, photographed at the Musee Saint-Denis) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons

theancientwayoflife: ~ Gold finger-ring. Cultu…


~ Gold finger-ring.
Culture/Period: Merovingian
Date: 6th-7th century
Place of origin: Mulsanne, river-bed (France)
Medium: Niellogold
Inscription: Dromaci/Vsbetta (Dromacius Betta)

Working on some ways to bring money, trade and…

Working on some ways to bring money, trade and finance into my displays and shows in an interactive way. #medieval #money #trade #cash #coins #silver #gold #finance #trade #business

Elizabethan Gold ’+BEHOLD THE END’…

Elizabethan Gold ’+BEHOLD THE END’ Mourning Ring for A N, Late 16th Century AD

A substantial Tudor D-section gold hoop with reserved foliage on black enamel field, scrolled capital to each shoulder and initials ‘A’ and ‘N’, the plaque a fluted hexagon with disc, legend to the perimeter ’+DYE TO LYVE’ and disc with ’+BEHOLD.THE.END’ surrounding a white enamel skull in three-quarter view. 17 grams, 26mm overall, 22.07mm internal diameter.

Watch this video for more info on this ring.

Medieval Gold ‘Think of me, Love’…

Medieval Gold ‘Think of me, Love’ Heart-Shaped Ring Brooch,
13th-14th Century AD

A gold ring brooch with loop formed as acorns and oak leaves, the tongue
tapered with acorn finial to the hinge; to the reverse, blackletter
inscription ’+pence de moy amor’ which translates to ‘Think of me,
Love’, with rosettes and leaves. 6.67 grams, 27mm (1").

See it on video

Gregory IV, Head of House Maev and 21st Tsar…

Gregory IV, Head of House Maev and 21st Tsar of Rus’skaya. Considered to be one of the younger monarchs in the setting of my creative project and having been raised with a largely military education in a position of command fighting and leading in his father’s armies. Gregory Romanovitch Maev is a battle-scarred veteran of over 13 major conflicts largely involving the defense of the Tsardom of Rus’skaya from it’s neighbours, most notably The Empire of Mankind and The Margravate of Wrekka.

hellas-inhabitants: Gold Byzantine bracelet…



bracelet decorated  with lapis lazuli, pearl and glass. Early Byzantine period, 5th – 7th century A.D.


βραχιόλι διακοσμημένο με λάπις λάζουλι, μαργαριτάρι και γυαλί. Πρώιμη Βυζαντινή περίοδος, πέμπτος με έβδομος αιώνας μ.Χ.

Greek Gold Earrings with Pearl Seed Beads, 3rd…

Greek Gold Earrings with Pearl Seed Beads, 3rd Century BC

Gold Ring with Egyptian Eye Inlay, Middle King…

Gold Ring with Egyptian Eye Inlay, Middle Kingdom, C. 1963-1650 BC

Set in a modern 24K yellow gold ring. The eye is obsidian and limestone
and was set into wood image.