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A ‘gold lion’ coin, minted in the reign of Robert III of Scotland, c. 1390-1403 [1500×742]



Earrings made from gold, pearls and sapphires. Byzantine, 6th or 7th century AD. [1678×1783]



An amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector turned up a Medieval, gold ring that was set with a sapphire stone in Sherwood Forest—haunt of the legendary (or real) Robin Hood. Experts have examined the ring and believe it may date to the 14 th century. [1270×700]

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Gold Solidus of Constans II (641–68), Medieval Art

Gift of Darius Ogden Mills, 1904
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Medium: Gold

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~ Ring.
Period/Culture: Byzantium
Date: 9th century
Medium: Gold, filigree and cloisonné enamel.

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Justinian I, #Byzantine Emperor from 483 to 565 AD, gold coin, Archaeological Museum, #Istanbul, Turkey

Funny epithets 13: Michael Parapinakes (= minu…

Funny epithets 13: Michael Parapinakes (= minus a quarter)

A.k.a  Mikael VII Doukas who ruled Byzantine empire between 1071-1078. This is a really weird epithet and I first thought that perhaps he wasn’t that tall. Well, actually Michael received this nickname due to his fiscal policies (= devaluation of Byzantine currency 😀 )

Source: By PHGCOM (self-made, photographed at the Musee Saint-Denis) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons

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~ Gold finger-ring.
Culture/Period: Merovingian
Date: 6th-7th century
Place of origin: Mulsanne, river-bed (France)
Medium: Niellogold
Inscription: Dromaci/Vsbetta (Dromacius Betta)

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Working on some ways to bring money, trade and finance into my displays and shows in an interactive way. #medieval #money #trade #cash #coins #silver #gold #finance #trade #business

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Elizabethan Gold ’+BEHOLD THE END’ Mourning Ring for A N, Late 16th Century AD

A substantial Tudor D-section gold hoop with reserved foliage on black enamel field, scrolled capital to each shoulder and initials ‘A’ and ‘N’, the plaque a fluted hexagon with disc, legend to the perimeter ’+DYE TO LYVE’ and disc with ’+BEHOLD.THE.END’ surrounding a white enamel skull in three-quarter view. 17 grams, 26mm overall, 22.07mm internal diameter.

Watch this video for more info on this ring.