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Earrings made from gold, pearls and sapphires. Byzantine, 6th or 7th century AD. [1678×1783]



An amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector turned up a Medieval, gold ring that was set with a sapphire stone in Sherwood Forest—haunt of the legendary (or real) Robin Hood. Experts have examined the ring and believe it may date to the 14 th century. [1270×700]

Finnish medieval jewelry

Finnish medieval jewelry

1. Treasure of Tiurinlinna, Karelia (12th century).

The treasure contains 11 filigransilver pearls, silver necklace and head net and two arabic coins (used as pendants). 

2. Jewelry from Pre-Christian era.

3. More pagan era stuff. Two pendants with Hammer of Thor in the middle

4. Pendants with Christian motifs, probably from 11th-12th century

5. A necklace made of Viking era coins

6. Jewelry with pagan era motifs

7. Neclaces and pendant found from a tomb of a wealthy woman.

8. Treasure of Sysmä

Most of the coins are actually imitations of Arabic and Byzantine originals (10 & 11th century). And as one can see they were weared as a necklace. Scholars believe that coins were buried in the 1050s.

9. Blurry photo of  “the wealthy woman”.

Not much is known about her, except that she was 165-170 cm tall and approximately 45 years old.

National Museum of Finland , October 2018

barbariansatthegates: Lombardic Brooch with Ro…


Lombardic Brooch with Roman Cameo; 2nd – 4th c CE (cameo), 7th c CE (brooch) [Source]

“The Langobards often embellished their own jewelry with gems carved centuries earlier by Roman or Etruscan craftsmen. These gems, valued for their antiquity, linked their Langobardic wearers to the illustrious peoples who preceded them on the Italian peninsula.”

romebyzantium:Chain with Pendant Cross, 500s A…


Chain with Pendant Cross, 500s AD, Early Byzantine, gold, glass . 
(Photo Credit: Vatican Skip the Line Tours)

theancientwayoflife:~ Ring. Period/Culture: By…


~ Ring.
Period/Culture: Byzantium
Date: 9th century
Medium: Gold, filigree and cloisonné enamel.



Germaanse , germanic art

met-medieval-art: Brooch, Medieval ArtGift of…


Brooch, Medieval Art

Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Medium: Gold, pearls, glass, cloisonné enamel



Bracelet, Early Byzantine, 600 AD (Source: britishmuseum)

Frankish jewelry

Frankish jewelry

* 6th / 7th century

* Köln

* Romano-Germanic museum

Cologne, November 2017