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Frankish jewelry

Frankish jewelry

* 6th / 7th century

* Köln

* Romano-Germanic museum

Cologne, November 2017

Frankish rings, 6th-7th century

Frankish rings, 6th-7th century

* Romano-Germanic Museum, Cologne

Cologne, November 2017



Celtic brooch, 7th century AD



Glass beeds, Novgorod, XII century

Medieval Fortress Wall, Lady’s Ring with Cryst…


A lady’s ring from the High Middle Ages made of copper and crystal has been discovered in Bulgaria’s Asenovgrad. Photo: TV grab from BNT

A fortress wall from the medieval Byzantine and Bulgarian town of Stanimachos has been discovered in the southern Bulgarian town of Asenovgrad, together with luxury sgraffito ceramics and lady’s ring with a crystal. (more…)

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Elizabethan Gold ’+BEHOLD THE END’…

Elizabethan Gold ’+BEHOLD THE END’ Mourning Ring for A N, Late 16th Century AD

A substantial Tudor D-section gold hoop with reserved foliage on black enamel field, scrolled capital to each shoulder and initials ‘A’ and ‘N’, the plaque a fluted hexagon with disc, legend to the perimeter ’+DYE TO LYVE’ and disc with ’+BEHOLD.THE.END’ surrounding a white enamel skull in three-quarter view. 17 grams, 26mm overall, 22.07mm internal diameter.

Watch this video for more info on this ring.

Viking Gold Elf Shot Pendant, 9th-12th Century…

Viking Gold Elf Shot Pendant, 9th-12th Century AD

A gold ‘elfshot’ amulet with a rectangular cap decorated with applied roped border, securing a smooth agate(?) arrowhead; suspension gold ring to the top. 7.26 grams, 63.7mm including loop (2"). Very rare.

Medieval Gold ‘Think of me, Love’…

Medieval Gold ‘Think of me, Love’ Heart-Shaped Ring Brooch,
13th-14th Century AD

A gold ring brooch with loop formed as acorns and oak leaves, the tongue
tapered with acorn finial to the hinge; to the reverse, blackletter
inscription ’+pence de moy amor’ which translates to ‘Think of me,
Love’, with rosettes and leaves. 6.67 grams, 27mm (1").

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Western Asiatic Silver Jeweler’s Earring…

Western Asiatic Silver Jeweler’s Earring Hoard Group, 3rd ML BC

A round section silver ring threaded with twenty three silver earrings of the ‘Navicella’ type consisting of seven silver wires with that to the center with a longer section forming the hoop earwire. 68 grams total, 70mm (2 ¾")

Late Roman or Byzantine Bronze Bracelet With S…

Late Roman or Byzantine Bronze Bracelet With Stylized Floral Designs, 4th-6th Century AD

Approximately 2 inches in diameter by 1.2 inches high. Six engraved box designs, each box with a stylized floral pattern. Box in middle has four pointed rays, sometimes used to portray the holy cross; the other have six to eight rays, used as the holy fish symbol to mark one’s faith.