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I made a spoopy flower crown for Halloween last week. I might have gone slightly overboard but I kind of love it.



My outfit for an all female Spanish renaissance warband: Las Granadas Venenas. Hanging out with two badass renaissance babes before a battle.

LARP: Swordcraft – Spring Quest 2018
Victoria, Australia. 

Red belt: Make You Own Medieval
Leather satchel: Commissioned by  Longbourne Leatherworks
Pretty much everything else made by me



I need an excuse to wear this outfit somewhere!

Hat – The Crowned Heart
Red Belt – Make Your Own Medieval
Dress – ArmStreet
Underclothing made by me. 

Training with a variety of simulators is very …

Training with a variety of simulators is very beneficial. As long as the simulator doesn’t become the focus, you can benefit from wood, leather, synthetic and foam which all provide different opportunities in practicing different skills. #medieval #hema #reenactment #hmb #larp #sca #martialarts #wma #fencing #fighting #training #swordfight #sword



It was a beautiful day last Saturday, so John and I went out to Red Bluff at Black Rock in Victoria for a bit of an impromptu photoshoot by the beach. I’d never been there before and the rocks and view absolutely blew me away. I felt like I was in a fairy tale. 

Yellow dress is the Red Elise by Armstreet
Green Dress is the Uma Dress by Mytholon
Brooches by Make Your Own Medieval
I made the beads myself from a combination of thrifted necklaces


Last week I had to stay home sick from work and I figured, when is there a better time to work on a new project?? So behold, a short renaissance houppelande with scalloped dagging on the sleeves. It’s made from blue wool, purple upholstery velvet and lined with a black and blue floral brocade. I also think the little square buttons are super cute. I only wish I had about 10 more to add to it.

All up this project took me about 11 hours to make and it’s probably the most professional looking thing I’ve ever produced. Needless to say, I’m a bit proud of myself.

Also, bonus blue leather belt with hand stamping and renaissance buckle and decorated hat, both of which I made the weekend before. I’m so happy to be feeling inspired enough to make things again!

A few weeks ago at Swordcraft I ran with The B…

A few weeks ago at Swordcraft I ran with The Blades of the North, a Norse inspired warband. I finally got a good chance to pick up my bow and arrows again as well as play around with a Calimacil Dane Axe. Needless to say, it was a LOT of fun.

I made the blue dress and dark blue hood in a bit of a rush, but the rest of the outfit is made up of some awesome stuff from Mytholon:

UnderdressAlina Undergarment in Cream
Brown dress: Leandra dress
Leather BodiceIsolde bodice floral

Ringmesh Tunic
Epic Armoury Chainmail Mantle

This is me at Abbey Medieval Festival, Caboolt…

This is me at Abbey Medieval Festival, Caboolture, 2018.
Here’s a video about my experience at Abbey in 2017.

Hat, hood and gold belt: The Crowned Heart
Leather Belt: Made by me, fittings from Make Your Own Medieval
Linen dress and tunic: Also made by me



Mornings at Abbey Medieval Festival, Cabooture…

Mornings at Abbey Medieval Festival, Cabooture.
13th-15th July, 2018.